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Our extensive and holistic digital marketing assessment and analysis will help you identify the best marketing strategies to fuel growth. As an agency, our approach to understanding customers is outside-the-box, aligning goals and activating strategies based on your needs and unique position in the market.

Our Digital Marketing Audit Covers 6 Critical Areas:

Reviews, SEO, Listings, Social Media, Website & Digital Advertising

With our detailed report, you can assess your company’s marketing performance against those of your competitors.

1) Reviews

Is it easy for potential consumers to find your business online? What is being reported on your company online? Is it good or bad? How can you use this data to improve and grow your business? These are the questions answered when diving into your reviews. The digital marketing report pulls data from 30 sources to give an analysis of your reviews and an average score of your business’ credibility and trust rating.

  • Find Out What Your Customers Are Saying
  • Data from over 30 customer review sites

2) SEO

Potential customers are searching online for the categories, products, or services that your business offers. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) boosts your business’ online visibility so potential customers find you before your competitors. SEO improves your website’s overall searchability, builds trust and credibility, and can lead to increased engagement, traffic and conversions.

  • See How Your Customers Find You On Search Engines
  • Compare Your Online Ranking Vs Your Competitors

3) Listings

You don’t want customers to find your competitors’ listings instead of yours, do you? Without correct listings, your business is invisible to your customers. As most of business is now done via digital media or online, you also need to leverage the customers that are looking for your brand or business online. This is where online listings come into play. With online listings, your business information is readily available to customers when they are ready to choose you!

  • Find Out If Your Business Listings Are Accurate
  • Find Out Where Your Business Is Listed

4) Social Media

Not only are your customers on social media, but there’s a good chance that many of them are checking these sites every day for countless hours. Consumers will be more receptive to your messages when they see your business marketing through social media. Marketing through social media will help to increase brand recognition. Our report will help you understand how your company’s presence compares to those in your industry as well as what you need to do next.

  • Compare Your Businesses’ Social Media To Industry Average
  • Analyse Your Businesses’ Social Media Performance 

5) Website

See how your website stacks against Google PageSpeed Insights. This report includes mobile responsiveness, content and load speed. A mobile friendly site that delivers the information in a timely manner helps buyers with their decision making.

  • Test Your Website Load Speed Against Google Standards
  • See How Your Website’s User Experience Ranks 

6) Digital Advertising

Customers are searching for your services online. If they can’t find your business, you are missing out! With digital advertising, you will be front and center on sites like Google and Facebook. Stay ahead of your competition by making sure that people find your business first!

  • Get Keyword Recommendations To Generate Impressions & Clicks 
  • Find Out How Your Digital Advertising Compares To Your Competitors 

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The Perfect Marketing Campaign Checklist

Content Copywriting Cheatsheet

5 Steps To A Winning Website Project

5 Tips For Successful Social Media Marketing

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