Before you get frustrated…

Before you get frustrated with your business and your profits not growing.
Before you believe that your services and your products are not good enough.
Before you curse your business name and rue the design of your logo.
Before you blame the location of your business and your partner or family for lack of support.
Before you call a clearance sale and begin giving stuff away.
Before you craft words to tell friends that you are thinking of doing something different.
Before you declare the business a complete failure or a doomed idea from the start.
Before you carefully select a wall to begin banging your head.

Ask yourself these questions:

Have I done sufficient marketing to give my business a fair chance?
Is the name of my business on the tips of the tongues of clients interested in my products or services?
Am I marketing my brand enough or am I just advertising my products and services?
Do I understand the need for social media marketing and how it can increase the odds of success?
How can social media marketing influence the popularity of my brand?
Is there any company that can do all of my marketing, graphics and social media management so that I can focus on managing my business and not have to struggle to do it myself.