Have you ever heard the term “show, don’t tell”? This phrase may be a cliché, but it rings true in all walks of life, from art to business. After all, what are your customers going to believe more readily—what you tell them about yourself or what you show them with your priorities?

One of the very first impressions that potential customers get of your business is your website—it is the “face” of your business. If you go the cheap route and buy server space that runs at a snail’s pace, or you don’t have the presence of mind to build a site that is uncomplicated, efficient, and loads quickly for your end-user, then what does that say about your company? What does that say about your brand?

website speedYou may not have thought about how the speed of your website could affect your brand, but the truth is that it does affect your brand. The speed of your website is one of those small, easily-overlooked things that can make all the difference. Let us tell you why:

A Slow Website:

Can Frustrate Your Visitors

Even if it just takes a few extra seconds, people can become impatient if they can’t get the information they need quickly. Worse, people might give up during the buying process if a site is not responsive. Not only do you lose a sale, but the visitor will forever associate your brand with frustration from that moment on and will buy from your competitor instead.

Is A Sign Of An Untrustworthy Company

Showing signs of not being able to afford professional-level hosting or of not knowing how to hire a web designer that can build a user-friendly website communicates that a business doesn’t know what it’s doing. This can take a toll on your brand image because a slow or difficult to use website makes you appear like an amateur. Only companies that really have their markets cornered can overcome this handicap and survive in spite of a slow, unprofessional website.

Shows A Lack Of Technical Expertise

It sounds prejudiced—and maybe it is—but the first thing younger millennials think when they encounter a slow or inefficient website is that the company who built it is behind the times. Your brand will be associated with those who are older and “out of touch,” and usually not in a positive way.

The bottom line is that if your website is fast, people will hardly notice. They will just happily navigate your pages and do what they came to do. In much the same way as other features, the speed of your site is something that best exists below the user’s awareness. If they notice, then it’s probably because your site is too slow. In order to keep your customers coming back and not make browsing your site a burden, make the speed of your site a top priority; this will give your brand name more value in the long-run.