Many brands do know the importance of having a strong presence on social media. However, getting your digital marketing right isn’t always as easy as it looks. One potential problem is posting too much content at the same time and having little material at other times. Alternatively, you may forget to post as it’s easy to become busy with other aspects of your business.

One possible solution to this problem is to schedule your posts using a social media dashboard. In this article, the topic will be looked at in further detail.

1. Scheduling allows you to post during different hours

The problem with posting content in real time is you are restricted to the hours you want to work on your social media. Not every business has the luxury of a separate digital marketing department, so time spent on social media may be time taken away from other aspects of your business.

However, by scheduling your posts, you can take back control of your time. Of course, it takes a bit of planning to do this – but overall this allows you to have top quality content without having to spend all your time doing it. It is also an excellent initiative for global businesses that may want to post social media content outside of their usual business hours.

2. Keep posting on social media during holiday periods

Another one of the significant advantages of scheduling your posts is the ability to keep social media content going during holiday periods. Anyone familiar with digital marketing knows that going quiet for an extended period can be dangerous. Using a social media dashboard though means, you can plan content to be posted days or even weeks in advance.

The significant advantage of being able to schedule your posts here means you can take a holiday and still have social media content going out. Alternatively, the person doing your digital marketing can take a break if they schedule posts in advance. Overall, this offers great flexibility on your time for your content.

3. Scheduling prevents you from forgetting to post

It’s so easy to start your social media strategy off with the best of intentions and some engaging content for a few days. However, when you are treating it day by day, it’s easy to neglect your social media once you get busy with other aspects of your business. So, this is yet another critical benefit of scheduling your posts in advance.

For example, you can give yourself a base of a few posts scheduled in advance knowing you have the minimal level of social media content covered. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t add more later; it’s merely a way of ensuring something is going out each day. You can go even further than that and maximise your social media content in this way, just checking in from time to time to respond to comments and questions.

4. Organising your posts in advance helps to establish a formula

There are different ways to approach social media. However, creating every post from scratch can be time-consuming, especially if you are doing a lot of visual content. A better thing to do is have several set templates you can edit as required. Scheduling allows you to get into a healthy rhythm for doing that.

The thing is you want to avoid putting yourself in the position of wondering what to post next. Also, the more you get used to posting content in advance, the easier the whole process will get. You can establish trends on your posts this way and work out if your templates or strategy needs changing at all.

5. Scheduling makes it easier to be consistent

Going back to one of the previous points, you can set-up your content in such a way that you schedule all your content and check in now and again. If you do things this way, you can ensure you are posting the same number of posts each day, and your audience will get used to what to expect from you.

Of course, it’s accurate enough to say your audience probably isn’t counting each post to see you are posting the same amount each day. However, they will get a general idea of how much content there is on a day to day basis. In other words, they will notice if some days you are busy and on other days you are quiet. Scheduling means you are far less likely to run into this problem.

While the vast majority of brands now recognise the need to have a solid social media strategy. Getting things right can still be a significant challenge. Your time is valuable, and you don’t want to spend it all on your social media. This article has looked at how scheduling your updates can be the perfect solution to this problem.