The fact that you are reading this article suggests that you (hopefully) already understand that every business needs an awesome website or web presence.

One of the very first impressions that potential customers get of your business is your website—it is the “face” of your business. If you go the cheap route and buy server space that runs at a snail’s pace, or you don’t have the presence of mind to build a site that is beautiful, uncomplicated, efficient, and loads quickly for your end-user, then what does that say about your company? What does that say about your brand? In a very competitive environment, your website can give you the edge to attract and retain your ideal customers.

Should I Use A Web Developer Or A Web Builder?

If you are ready to build your website there are two main paths you can take:

(1) either hire a web developer and have them handle the task for you, or

(2) use a website builder and do everything yourself.

Obviously, both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

The truth is that not every business needs a complex or expensive website. As a web design/digital marketing company, we work with many clients with different needs.

There are some clients who absolutely need our services and…there are others who need some encouragement and guidance to build their website themselves.

Our advice…If you are just starting your business it may be wise to conserve capital and build your own website until you need to upgrade to something more sophisticated.

There are many web builders on the market with various levels of complexities.

Having tried many of them, we would like to recommend the Igloo Website Builder.

For as little as $87USD the Igloo Website Builder is very powerful and very easy to use.

Igloo Website Builder allows you to drag and drop and create beautiful websites, sales pages, lead captures and much more.

If however, you are interested in a FREE consultation to have a custom website built for you…feel free to reach out to us. Our team of digital experts would be delighted to customize a solution for you.

For tips, ideas and advice on digital marketing, website design and social media management you can request access to our closed Facebook group: Paradox Studios TT – Digital Academy.