Local SEO for your business

It is important to know what Local SEO is and whether it’s relevant to your business, and how to improve your chances of success with local customers and clients? This blog is aimed at giving you some clarity on Local SEO, its importance, and some tips to help you improve your listing.

What is local SEO

Local SEO involves optimizing your online presence in order to increase traffic, leads, and brand awareness from local searches. A study done by Forbes showed that 95% of people use their mobile devices to perform local searches – out of which 61% called, and 59% visited the business location.

Another study shows that 88% of searches for local businesses on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.

Importance of local SEO

● Higher Conversion Rates
Recent data shows that conversion rates for businesses are higher for people who did local searches. The close proximity of the business makes it more likely that the searcher will become more interested and visit the business.

● Improved Customer Retention Rate
Local SEO can also help your business maintain the interest of out-of-town customers who are only trying the service while they are in town. Provide that customer with a great experience and they are likely to visit the business again. They are more likely to refer other people to try the service, which leads to long-term sales.

Benefits of local SEO

● It Is Cost-effective – Listing your business in local directories tools like Facebook and Google My Business is a very cost-effective way to market your business. However, you must be ready to devote time and effort to manage your listings and ensure some form of consistency in providing all relevant business information helpful in attracting local customers.

● Helps You Get customers with high buying intent – Local searchers usually have higher buying intent. It means that they search only after they have made up their mind to buy something, and it dramatically increases the chances of conversions.

● Get More qualified search traffic – As local searchers have higher buying intent, the traffic you receive comprises only those interested in engaging with your business. Thus, it makes the interactions more meaningful with high chances of positive outcomes.

What is Local SEO

Top 4 Local SEO tips for your business

● Ensure your NAP is accurate and consistent
NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. It’s important that you ensure this information is consistent on every online platform you use.

● Create local content
Another way to ensure people know exactly where you’re based is by creating local-based content for your audience.
Talking about your surrounding demonstrates that you are an active member of the community and that you have a lot of local knowledge. This will surely appeal to those tempted to shop with you and help you increase your local search rankings.

● Target and Use local keywords
Writing local content won’t be effective without the use of local keywords. Local keywords are essentially the terms that online searchers type into Google or another search engine in order to find the business they need.
For example, An online user who lives in Ikeja that needs the service of a saloon n will type “Saloon in Ikeja” as his search query.

In order to rank on the first page of local search engine results, you want to perform thorough local keyword research and pick terms related to your business and location. Then, create high-quality, informative content that improves on the resources already available.

● Encourage your customers to leave Google Reviews
Online customer reviews are a huge part of online marketing. reviews are helpful to businesses as it helps you have an insight into how your customers feel about your business.
Positive reviews can help attract new customers to your business, while negative reviews give you the opportunity to improve on your product or service and also mend a customer relationship.

For these reasons, Google highly values authentic customer reviews.

To make your business flourish faster, you must implement local SEO, it’s a lot of work and requires time and effort. Reach out to paradoxstudio.com to see or local SEO package for your business.