Website optimization also known as conversion optimization are steps involved in improving the performance of your website.
Ideally, any potential customer who lands on your website will either like what they see and do something (call you, submit a lead form, sign up for a newsletter, etc).
These actions that they perform on your website are called “conversions” and “conversion rate” is the percentage of your website visitors that do what you want them to do.
As you can imagine, the better your website meets people’s needs, the more likely they are to do what you want them to do. So, if you can optimize your website properly, then you can get more value out of the traffic you are already driving to your website!
In this article, we’re going to talk about what website optimization is, what it can do for your business and how to get started.

What is Web Optimization?

What is Website Optimization?

Website optimization is the process of improving the performance of your website to meet your business objectives.

Whether your goal is to get more leads, increase sales, or reduce customer service phone calls, website optimization can be used to make your website more effective at meeting those goals.

Benefits of web optimization

Web optimization can improve your website’s Click-through rate – Click is an important metric to any website. A high CTR may be a positive signal for any website. The more clicks you earn, the higher you can rank on the search engine result page.
Increase user experience –I’m sure you’ve experienced some kind of frustration when looking through a website for an answer and you don’t seem to know where to find it.
Every visitor who comes to your website is hoping to find an answer to their question or a solution to their problem.
By optimizing your website, you make it easier for your visitor to accomplish their goal and have a wonderful experience
Web optimization Optimization allows the search engines to understand your pages- Ever wondered how Google and other search engines decide which websites to display on the first page? How do they index this information?
For your website to be indexed, the search engine needs to understand your website before it can be displayed to your search audience.
The more pages you optimize, the better your chances of being indexed and displayed on the first page.

Two common Challenges of web optimization

· Mobile Usability
The screen size of a mobile website differs from that of a desktop, the users need to resize their screens to view the content continuously. Creating a website that suit every screen size is one of the challenges in website optimization.
Making a responsive mobile website that responds to the type of screen a visitor is using, is essential.

· Mobile Speed
There are many reasons for a person to leave your website or mobile site. And slow load time is one of them. There are websites that load in the blink of an eye even with heavy content. So, you should also ensure your website is optimized for speed for a better user experience.
Now that you know what website optimization means, its importance as well as common challenges, let’s look at some of the key elements of your website that need to be optimized to guarantee marketing success.

What should be optimized on your website

Landing pages – Your landing page is your first point of entry where visitors first come into contact with your site. Whether coming from Google, Facebook or somewhere else, the landing page is where people make an initial decision on whether you can help them with their needs.`
Optimizing the landing pages on your website can lead to lower bounce rates and greater conversions as visitors gain confidence that they’re in the right place to get their questions answered.

Conversion points –If your goal is to get your user to fill out a form on your webpage, or take some other action that counts as a conversion for you and your business, you’ll need to investigate the user behavior on those pages. How many people visit those pages versus how many complete the intended action?
You will need to test different elements of that experience to improve the conversion rate? Focusing on these conversion points is always a great place to look for website optimization opportunities.

Checkout process – If you own an e-commerce company, your checkout process is your one of the most important point of your website. You need to know and understand how your users are interacting with your checkout process this will give you an insight for optimization opportunities.

Optimizing your website can be a challenging task, depending on the size of your website. But we guarantee that the potential returns are worth the time and effort.
At Paradox Studio, we can help you reach your website’s highest potential.

Analyzing your website will only take us a few minutes and will increase your exposure, therefore leading to increase in conversions.
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